Drive Now: Credit Based Direct Mail For Auto Dealers.

Our DriveNow PreApproval campaign is as comprehensive as any "direct mail" campaign available.  We offer numerous credit-based direct mail options to fit any dealers objective, and budget. "DriveNow" is in a class all to itself, starting at only $0.76/pc.

Automotive PreApproval Mail Program

The DriveNow Pre-Approval Mailer Will Help Your Dealership Attract Clients You May Never Have Had A Chance At!

Step 1: Target
The best list money can buy.

We take our credit campaigns seriously. It all starts with the Data. We are  pleased to offer the best credit data on the market, from dischasrged bankruptcy, to Transunion Credit Score, to Modeled Credit Data. 

Step 3: Add-Ons
Spruce up the campaign.

We can add test drives incentives like gift cards and vacation certificates etc. We can also print business cards to affix, premium upgraded envelopes, personalized and embossed "credit cards", perforated vouchers, and so much more!

DriveNow Premium Automotive Financing
Step 2: Design
Good creative gets them in the door.

We help design effective creative letter to drive the point home that the very best finance offers will be found at your dealership. Regardless of the customers situation. Train your market to think of your dealership as the bank!

Multi-Channel And Follow Up
Turn your mail job into a wraparound campaign!

Make it a Multi-Channel effort by adding an Email, Ip Targeting, or Geofencing campaign! We can even provide all the standard Impression, CTR (Click-Thru Rate) , and response tracking. Campaigns are also friendly with most automotive manufacturers Co-Op , PAP, and Ad Reimbursement Programs!

Plan a followup campaign to your database, a customer thank-you, or a holiday card with coupons.


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