Greenlight Automotive Credit Mail

Target customers in your market who have credit issues (and/or discharged bankruptcies (depending on your dealerships F&I capability) that your dealership can help resolve. This preapproval program will train your market to view your dealership as an ally! Starting at only $0.74/pc!

PreApproval Campaigns That Work

Car Buyers In Your Market Want You To Tell Them You Can Help With Tough Credit Situations...

Step 1: Target
Conquest car owners.

This program is designed to help your dealership not only acquire new market share and customers who've never purchased with you, but its also VERY good at getting new trades in the door. 

Step 3: Add-Ons
So much cool stuff.

Keys, Scratch Offs, Gift Cards, Staff, Black book appends, KBB or NADA values, checks, coupons,  Variable Image Data, upgraded envelopes and much more!

Green Light Credit PreApproval Direct Mail For Auto Dealers
Step 2: Design
Good creative gets the cheese.

We design the perfect buy back piece to suit your needs and load it with the strongest hooks we know.

Multi-Channel and Follow Up
Turn your mail job into a full wraparound.

Make it a Multi-Channel effort by adding an Email, Ip Targeting, or Geofencing campaign! We can even provide all the standard Impression, CTR (Click-Thru Rate) , and response tracking. Campaigns are also friendly with most automotive manufacturers Co-Op , PAP, and Ad Reimbursement Programs!

Plan a followup campaign to your database, a customer thank-you, or a holiday card with coupons.


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