Could Automotive Super Sales Cannabalize Your Dealerships Future Business Or Ruin Your Reputation?

We regularly work with dealers all over the country who have had both good and bad results when working with various staffed event companies. It's important to be able to identify what works and what doesnt. Simply looking at sales results is not the only measure of an effective sales event.

Most Staffed Event companies offer a traditional "Super Sale" type program. This is usually a large scale promotion where a team of strangers (often unemployable types) takes over your showroom and sales department for a week. They utilize shady marketing techniques and count on their ability to trick people to come into your dealership. You can find countless rip-off report and consumer fraud alerts for many of the most popular Super Sale companies.

The most common problems we hear about related to 'Super Sale Events' are:

                    - False Advertising

                    - Fake Prizes or Misleading Contest Verbage

                    - Unprofessional Amateur Staff

                    - Customers Promised Goods / Services to make a deal

                    - Orphaned customers

                    - Too expensive

In addition to common dealer concerns like "are the super sale staff lying to my customers to get a deal?" or " will the advertising put our dealership and reputation as risk of prosecution by the state attorney?" what we see most commonly with dealers is the concern that they are paying way too much money!

Many dealers are lured into such promotions with the promise of 'no upfront costs', "you wont pay us a dime until after the big sale is over!". In reality this ends up being a very expensive pseudo-financing proposition. The sale company will order a block of direct mail (typically the cheapest and lowest quality advertising they can find, convince the printer to print the job 'on credit' and then stick your dealership with an inflated bill after-the-fact. So many dealers sign up because the promise of an "essentially free" sale is quite attractive.

In the end, your dealership ends up paying SO MUCH MORE than they have to just to move some units and possibly upset your local market. Your customers don't like being lied to and bad news travels much faster than good news. Most of us know of dealers with an awful reputation because of their lazy advertising practices. So on top of paying way too much for a flawed and possibly destructive sales promotion, it may be costing you your reputation and future business.

With A Super Sales Company: you pay exhuberant costs for a shoddy direct mail campaign and trickery. Then you pay out 25% of the total gross profit of the sale to the company, and then you pay out 25% commission to each of the strangers on their "sales team" whom you will never see again and who may have upset your customers. Then you pay the unknowable cost of lost future business. All for a few extra sales.

With Drive Promotions: we send a two person team of commission free automotive sales pros to help you control all traffic. We register and qualify all guests and then flip over to your salespeople to work the deal. You only pay for the advertising program, and keep all of your gross profits. The only Staffed Event program back up by Dealers, Large Groups, OEM Manufacturers, and Ad Agencies. Your customers will love us, you will sell vehicles, and you wont destroy your future business in the process. Learn More About Our Drive Event Here ... or call 888-227-7589 today

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