Hyper-Targeted Digital Display Campaigns

We deliver specific vehicle owners in your market and deliver Google and/or Facebook  display ad's designed to help introduce your market to your VDP's and Inventory.

Target Address Verified Vehicle Owners  With Effective Digital Ads

We call it Car Smart.


We help create the ultimate list of prospective car buyers, match the data to online users, and deliver graphic ads to them. Welcome to the next evolution in digital marketing.
Innovative Targeting
The most complex targeting anywhere.

No joke. We can target just about any  segment you can think of. modeled Credit, Status, Address, Interests, Current Vehicle, etc. We gameplan and then collect all the offline data and utilize a top secret process to  match the offline profiles to an actual online device. No More Guesswork!

Custom Eye-Catching Graphics
We can create them, or use yours.

a beautiful graphic image and a strong ad message are key. If we don't  deliver a  nice graphic with a compelling message, all of our sweet targeting efforts will be for naught! Our graphics are so sharp, you could cut yourself.

Car Smart Marketing | Vehicle Targeted Google and Facebook Ad Campaigns
Cookie-Free Advertising
We're on a diet anyway.

Consumers don't like cookies and neither do we. Because of the way we match online and offline data profiles, we don't need the user to accept cookies for our ad's and tracking to work. Thats the way the cookie crumbles!

Address Verified Sales Match Back Reporting
No complicated charts, just facts.

We provide all the standard Impression, CTR (Click-Thru Rate) , and response tracking... but we take it a step further to match our prospects to your sold-list. No DMS access required and we don't use or resell your precious data in any way.  That means this is one of the few digital programs in the industry for which an accurate R.O.I. can be measured. Cool, huh?

Book Your Targeted Google & Facebook Campaign

Average Cost Per 1,000 Hyper-Targeted Impressions
Google Display Network $55 CPM
Facebook Sidebar $58 CPM
Facebook Newsfeed $75 CPM

What are you waiting for, your competitors?

Simply set your campaign ad budget  (minimum $2,000 | most dealers spend quite a bit more) and then tell us who you want us to go after. You can be as involved or disinvolved as you wish. We order and scrub all data, and painstakingly convert and match the list to online profiles so we can deliver handcrafted messages designed to create action! Your customers are online, make sure you're right there with them.

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