Every Door Direct Mail Is The Wrong Method For MOST Businesses.

Is your dealership using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)? if you are, it's the perfect time to try something else. As you might already be aware, EDDM sales volume has decreased significantly every year since 2013, EDDM has decline 10x faster than Standard Mail. There are a few reasons for that:

EDDM is billed at a typically higher postage rate than your typical Saturation Mail.

EDDM blankets all addresses in an area. But thats not what your dealership wants. Wasting money marketing to people who cannot buy is a waste of time as well. Often EDDM mails to 5% more addresses (non-responsive addresses) than Standard or Saturation Mail.

EDDM does not have any targeting options. None. You have to hit everybody in the area. Typical Saturation Mail allows you to select routes with certain income or age attributes. New anti-targeting advancements (such as Response Boosters) allow you to remove specific households that are not good prospects, while retaining your lower rates. With similarly priced Saturation you have far more targeting options such as age, income, area (down to the route level), home value etc. These are indicators that can help you find the most car buyers without having to spend more on speciality target lists and upgraded standard postage.

The postal service often suppresses EDDM results by bundling EDDM mail pieces together. So your message is far more likely to be lost in a bundle of cheap junk mail. EDDM is as close to marketing suicide as you can get in traditional advertising.

Here are some more facts from a recent study comparing EDDM to Standard Mail: view PDF

Bottom Line? Leave the EDDM campaigns to the local car washes, and nail salons- EDDM is too simple and too unreliable for your complex dealership business.

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