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The BEST Email Marketing Program In Automotive.

We reach 300,000 of the closest and most qualified potential car buyers with a vibrant and compelling HTML email message loaded with links to your dealerships website and VDP's.

Why are we the best at conquest email marketing? It's easy: THE DATA. Nobody else has access to our 117,000,000 Physical Address and DNS-verified, DOUBLE OPT-IN, ISP friendly consumer database and servers!  The best part? Sales can be measured and address verified!

Automotive Email Flowchart

We Deliver The Best Quality Message, To The Most Exclusive Targets, Through The Best Quality Servers.

The amount of verification, testing, and nurturing that goes into our complex, address-verified, and comprehensive consumer database is staggering. This isn't just some cheap $200 unverified email list that we buy online. You cannot buy this data. Our rigourous scrubbing, cleansing, and verification processes are what makes our Omni-Channel marketing programs possible, as well as what makes our email marketing program so potent. 

Market To Our Database Of Over 117,000,000 Verified & Opted-In Consumers! We can target by nearly any type of demographic, including current vehicle. We handle the entire thing from design to deployment, tracking, and post campaign sales verification.



We comb through our active database of over 160MILLION email users to match your dealerships goals to the perfect consumer audience. Target age, area, income range, current vehicle interests, and much more. Address verified local consumers.



We work with your dealership to create customized and beautiful graphic HTML email content to send to your customers. We have figured out the perfect mix of text, graphic, and hyperlink content to make sure your message gets the most views possible. We even offer and include incentives to visit the dealership for a test drive offer!



We track everything. Opens, Clicks, Forwards etc. That way you can push all that data into your CRM and continue following up with your responders. Build your sales funnel every week. After the campaign we are even able to address-verify all sales so you will know exactly how many people purchased vehicles afters receiving the email!

Creative & Responsive HTML  Samples, To Get Your Wheels Turning!

We've developed the perfect mix of text, graphics, and links for our email campaigns. The data shows that when we use a similar format as the sample's below, we get more opens, more clicks, and more car buyers as well. We can custom build a campaign around any theme or idea you've got, or even utilize your own html/graphic content if you prefer. We can also up the ante by adding a fun digital contest or game to increse  clickthru traffic and lead capture, Learn more about our Digital Contests Here!

Automotive Email Marketing Sample

Single Email Campaign

• Graphic & HTML Design Services
• 300,000 Emails Delivered
• Customer Test Drive Incentives
• Analytics and Campaign Reports

• 30 Day Sales Matchback

$2,295 $2,495

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Easily add subscribe and contact forms without any server-side integration.

"Automotive Marketing by Automotive People"


Established in 2009, Drive Promotions is a full service automotive marketing and advertising agency. Focused on building successful modern and traditional marketing campaigns for Car Dealers, OEM's, and Agencies Nationwide.

Our dealer services include a range of effective Direct Mail, Staffed Events, Consulting, Digital and Email Marketing programs.


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