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The Best Conquest Email Marketing Program In The Automotive Industry.

Our automotive subscribers actually want to hear from your dealership. We email 300,000 of the most qualified local car buyers with a custom designed and compelling HTML/Graphic message loaded with effective hooks and links to your dealerships website and inventory.

OUR EXCLUSIVE CONSUMER DATABASE IS THE SECRET SAUCE. Nobody else has access to our 117million DNS and address-verified, permission based,  consumer database. This service is not the boiler plate unverified "spray and pray" online email list variety that the vast majority of internet marketing agencies offer. It is a double-opt-in and cross-channel database that happens to work exceedingly well for standalone email broadcasting. Our competitors offer brokered third party email data which is simply not comparable at any price point. 

The best part of using Drive for your outbound and mass email needs? Because of the verified nature of our database, we can easily measure the related sales and ROI after your big campaign! Check out some sample emails below:

Popular Creative Ideas

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Upgrade Event
Up Grade Event
A Great Big Sales Event
A Great Big Sales Event
Kick Off To Savings
Kick Off To Savings!
Trade Upgrade
Trade & Upgrade
Great American Event Sale
Great American Event Sale
Hit The Road Sales Event
Triple Zero Sales Event
Black Friday Savings Sales Event
We can design anything!
Custom Design

Effective Custom Email Marketing, Easy As 1,2,3!

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Step 3
Automotive Email Marketing Sample

Email Campaign

• Graphic & HTML Design Services
Animated Elements Optional
• 300,000 Emails Delivered
Customer Test Drive Incentives
• Analytics and Campaign Reports
• 30 Day Sales Match-back

$2,295 $2,495

We Deliver The Best Quality Message, To The Most Exclusive Targets, Through The Best Quality Servers. Large Scale AND Affordable!

The amount of verification, testing, and nurturing that goes into our complex and address-verified consumer database is staggering. This isn't just some cheap unverified email list that we buy online. You cannot buy this data. You're paying simply to have your message designed and delivered to this audience. Our rigorous scrubbing, cleansing, and verification processes are what makes our Omni-Channel marketing programs possible, as well as what makes our email marketing program so potent and effective. 

We can target by nearly any type of demographic, including current vehicle, eduction, interests, behaviors, finances and more. We handle the entire thing from design to deployment, tracking, and post campaign sales verification and reporting!

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