Automotive Staffed Events: What's The Bottom Line On 'Super Sales' and Team Promotions For Your Dealership?

There are countless times throughout the year, particularly in the slower or more uncertain months where a staffed event — either as a way to move old inventory and hit your OEMS objectives, to get your new staff more at-bats, or to just get that nice shot in the arm to make up a deficiency your normal expected sales rates. where staffed events can often have the greatest impact on your dealerships bottom line. Particularly in months with the greatest forecasting uncertainty. However, many dealers regularly utilize a staffed event to make a good month even better.

For many dealers, and with good reason, the idea of utilizing a staffed event "team" carries with it an uncomfortable stigma. Let's face it, Many of those big team groups have bad reputations or no reputations at all. Some of them act inappropriately in your store and while visiting your market, some of them flat out lie to your customers to sell cars, some of them have even falsified credit apps. Often enough, they even neglect to send all of the mail agreed upon. Undermining the very basis of your partnership in the first place. Some dealers call them mercenaries, or clown shows because of their shoddy reputations. Are there good teams out there? ABSOLUTELY. Are they rare? ABSOLUTELY.

We learned long ago that the incentive of that tradition 'big team' model is corrupted and prone to invite problems like I've just mentioned. That's why we decided over a decade ago to help create a new kind of staffed event sale. A staffed event sale that utilizes a highly experienced and well trained 2 person team to support your dealerships staff, commission free. A scheme that doesn't use full sales teams but opts instead to use YOUR STAFF to sell your cars. Utilizing that method, the only incentive our staff have is to be invited back to your dealership again and again No short sightedness, no drama. Some of the top reasons for this are:           

             1. We are not paid per-vehicle commissions like the sales teams, so no incentive to stretch the truth or manipulate your customers.

           2. We do not show up with a team of a dozen strangers to create drama with your full-time staff, your staff see us as assistants

           3. You see just as much traffic and just as many sales on average without any of the risks and headaches.

           4. Your customers are not turned into instant sales orphans, forcing your dealership to have to re-break the ice to get them back in when it's time for a trade again.

Our version of a staffed event utilizes highly skilled closers to help supplement your staff instead of a full commissioned sales team to 'take over. In addition to being backed up by a rigorous and far more comprehensive advertising program to drive that traffic and opportunities. We have worked with huge dealer groups and record breaking stores like Hendric and Sonic, Small rural mom and pop dealerships, and everything in between. We've been sponsored and spotlighted by major Auto-Makers like FCA Chrysler Corp for our unique brand of staffed event offerings.

Still not sure if a staffed event is right for your dealership? One of our favorite sales techniques when working with car shoppers in dealerships like yours is using the old "Ben Franklin close". On one side of the paper we list the pros of (our version of) Staffed Events, and on the other side list the cons. This is how it typically washes out for a Drive Promotions Staffed Event:

Pro's Of A Drive Promotions Staffed Event

  1. • Liquidate your older-age inventory without having to lose money on the units

  2. • Higher PVR and ROI over standard ad methods

  3. • Huge incremental traffic boost, plus countless tangible impressions and market familiarity growth

  4. • Enormous average increases in back-end product penetrations and PVR in your F&I Dept

  5. • Enhance your sales staff's morale and dedication through the increase in UP's and other sales opportunities

  6. • Fixed operation growth, the service and parts department benefits from being included in the overall event

  7. • Sell a lot of units in a short period of time (on average 20-30% of months volume in a few days time)

  8. • Massive amount of leads, referrals, and working deals to follow-up after event

  9. • New Market share and opportunities Before, During, and well After the Big Event.

Con's Of A Drive Promotions Staffed Event

  1. • Try as you might, you won't be able to hire the staff that runs your event- no matter how badly you want them to stay.

  2. • You won't get to make small talk with a big team of strangers who's name's you're guaranteed to forget.

  3. • We won't let you over-do it. If we believe that your market demo's can only sustain a few big events per year- we will cap it as such.

The Drive Promotions Staffed Event Secret Sauce:

• Comprehensive multi-channel marketing program backs up every big event

• Staff trained to help you find and close the car buyers, while protecting your reputation.

• No Commissions on any related sales, No double whammy billing.

• A fun, interactive, and effective customer interaction strategy, your future customers are going to love us!

Bottom Line: There are good staffed event teams and super sale companies out there; but there are also plenty of very bad ones that could create certain risks for your dealership. For the best bang for your overall buck, a Staffed Event by Drive Promotions could be just what the car doctor ordered, turn-key and heat-free.

"Automotive Marketing by Automotive People"


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